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Help! I can't connect to the TOYBOX network

Shortly after connecting to the ‘TOYBOX’ network, a captive portal popup window should appear on your device. Here, you should be able to pick a home wifi network to connect to. If this does not happen, please follow the following steps.

  1. On your device, connect to the Toybox network. Please wait for the connection to the network to fully establish and then wait on the current screen for the popup to appear. On iphone and android devices, if you navigate away from the wifi page, sometimes it will cause the popup to never appear. This process can sometimes take up to two minutes.
  2. If you seem to be successfully connected to the network, and no popup ever appears. Please navigate in your browser and type this in your url box: “” without quotation marks.
  3. If no popup appears. Please restart your Toybox by unplugging, and plugging in the Toybox.
  4. You should see a green screen load with directions to connect to your home wifi network.
  5. Wait up to 2 minutes if this does not work try again on another device.
  6. One thing that often helps is to “forget network” on the device you are using to connect to the Toybox, please look up instructions on how to forget networks on your current device.
  7. After forgetting the network, try reconnecting to the Toybox.
  8. If you are still having problems connecting to the Toybox network, please contact us at “” so we can personally help guide and debug you through the process.

I can connect to the TOYBOX network, but I can’t find my home network.

There are multiple things that can cause this, so we’ll walk you through a process to hopefully correct this problem. Please ensure that you have the following specifications. Toybox will only work with routers under these specifications:

  1. Printer is within 20 feet with a direct line of sight to the router
  2. Network to connect to is on the 2.4Ghz wifi band
  3. Wifi router does not have a static IP address (By default, your router probably will not have this setting)
  4. If you are still having trouble finding your network. You can alternatively turn your phone as a hotspot and use that

My printer is not showing the code to link my profile

If the Toybox website or app is asking for a 6 digit code to link your profile. Please check the screen on your LCD. If there is no 6 digit code displayed on the screen, you can retrieve the code by doing the following steps:

  1. On the LCD screen, click the gear in the top right
  2. Click on the account button, there should now be a code that displays on the screen.
If the printer stays in loading when you try to get the code, it means that the printer is having a difficult time reaching the server. This is most likely due to a poor internet connection. Please make sure you have a constant and reliable internet connection

My printer screen stays in loading

If the printer LCD screen stays in loading for a long time, it is likely that your printer is not connected to the internet. Please make sure to keep your printer no more than 20 feet away from the router. If you are on a reliable connection, and the screen is stuck at loading for more than 4 minutes, please send send us an email through here.

I can't find the mobile app

You can find the iOS app here and the Android app here. If you want to search in the app store or google play store. Try searching “Toybox 3D Printer.” It should be the first one to come up, it’s orange and has the Toybot, robot as the image.

I can't find the desktop app

Welcome to the future! You can control your Toybox printer through the website. You can choose a toy from the catalog or go to the creator space to create your own! Just make sure that you are logged into an account that is connected to your printer.

I can't find the drivers for the printer

Since you can control your printer remotely through our app or website, there is no need for drivers :)

Print Quality

My prints seem to be missing layers or have really thin plastic layers in the middle of the prints

This usually is caused by low quality filament. If you are using third party filaments, please try a roll of Toybox printer food to see if this fixes the problem. Another thing that can potentially cause this is that the extruder motor is having a tough time unwinding the printer-food roll. Please make sure the solid side of the printer-food roll is facing outwards. The printer-food roll should be extremely easy to unwind, it should feed pretty loose on the spool holder, even a little resistance can dramatically affect to quality of the prints. See the picture below.

My prints come out looking warped

For some prints, especially smaller prints, sometimes the object doesn’t have enough time to cool and this causes warping. This also happens when pulling the print off the bed too quickly after its done printing. It’s good to wait about 30 seconds to a minute after the print is complete before taking the print from the bed. To prevent warpage, try pointing a fan on your printer while it prints, that should help.

My prints don’t stick to the surface

It seems like this could because the printing surface is too low for the nozzle. Sometimes if this is the case, the plastic never gets a chance to fully stick to the surface and ends up gooping up under the nozzle. There are two fairly quick fixes for this:

  1. There is a little screw in the back of the printing surface on the left side. If you can find an allen wrench that fits (Either 3/32" imperial or 2.5mm metric), you can tighten that screw around 1/4 of a full turn, that should cause the printer to start the print a bit closer to the printing surface.
  2. Another quick fix is to add a three or four layers of masking tape the print surface. That will add some extra height to the surface and help with the plastic sticking to the print bed
You will eventually want to aim for a good first layer. Something like in the picture below is acceptable

My prints don’t look like anything at all, just a blobby or stringy mess

First, make sure your removable flexible magnetic bed is in the printer. If this is not inside the printer, the printing nozzle will be too far from the build plate to actually print. If your removable magnetic bed is already on the metal platform, Similar to above, your printer’s z-axis (print bed) is probably calibrated too low. There is a little screw in the back of the printing surface on the left side. If you can find an allen wrench that fits (Either 3/32" imperial or 2.5mm metric), you can tighten that screw around 1/2 of a full turn at a time, that should cause the printer to start the print a bit closer to the printing surface. After doing that, go ahead and start a print. This may take a few tried to get right, so be patient, once you get this perfect, you should not have to recalibrate it again. You want to make sure the first layer looks really nice. After that, your print should start working. Below is a picture of an acceptable first layer.

My prints look like they have some weird shifting going on

This is most likely because something is preventing the motors on the XY plane to correctly move. Usually this means there is some type of resistance on the extruder, most often caused by it not being able to pull the filament roll. Please check the following:

  • Spool of printer food is tangled
Every once in awhile there can be be a knot in the printer-food roll. This can prevent the printer-food roll from unrolling and properly feeding into the printer. Check the roll and make sure there isn’t a knot and you can freely roll and unroll the printer food roll by pulling lightly on the printer food sticking out of the roll. If there is a knot, remove your printer food from the printer and undo the knot. The printer should then be ready to go!
  • Printer food spool is facing the wrong direction
The printer food actually has a right and wrong direction to face when putting it on the back of your Toybox. In one direction, the printer food is much looser than the other direction. You want your printer food to be as loose as possible to make sure the Toybox has an easy time eating the printer food. To make sure the printer food is as loose as possible, you want to make sure the solid side of the roll is facing outward. See the picture below.
  • Using a 3rd party spool holder, or not using one at all.
A good printer-food spool holder is necessary for prints to come out correctly. Otherwise the Toybox won’t eat the food correctly and nothing will flow out of the printer. You can test if this is the issue by allowing a foot or two of loose slack and then trying to print. If your Toybox can suddenly print, it means that the printer isn’t strong enough to pull the spool.


How do I change my password?

You can find the option to change your password on your profile view.

How do I change my password if I forgot it?

When you click sign in, there is an option there that says "I forgot my password". This link will take you to the flow.

I can't create an account through Facebook

If you are having issues, please send us an email through here.

Warranty & Payment

How do i use instalment plan?

We provide payment using instalment plan via for any credit card holder. You can find it here.

Do i get a Warranty for Toybox 3D Printer?

YES!! Toybox 3D Printer include 1 Year Warranty for any factory defect problem. Please visit for more detail information

How do i claim my warranty?

Please kindly visit us at our exhibition or our workshop or our partners. If you don't know, how please contact our hotline/Whatsapp at 0819869269 or Please visit for more detail information

Details about the warranty

1. Every Toybox have their own unique IMEI Number. 2. Please keep the hologram on your Toybox. 3. The warranty covers all the factory defects problem, that might exist on your Toybox. Please chat with us to know more details. 4. All problem caused by human error, ARE NOT cover by the warranty. 4.1. Please avoid from Water, 4.2. Do not shake the machine, 4.3. Please DO NOT FORCE the filament (PULL or PUSH) to the extruder without any assistance, 4.4. Please refrain from using other than Toybox Materials, 4.5. Please ask for guidance for Not to do to your Toybox. 5. Toybox purchased from Toybox Indonesia's Partners could/might have different coverage. Please visit for more detail information

Items that not included in Warranty

1. Printer Foods (Filament Roll) 2. EZ-Peel Bed (Print bed) 3. Printer Food Holder Please visit for more detail information

Still got questions? Contact Us